Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nissan Quest Makes Hauling the Family a Stylish Event

The Nissan Quest has SUV-like styling and an interior that is luxurious.The Nissan Quest got a clever redesign last year and is back for 2012 as a well-thought out, spacious family vehicle.
The makeover it received last year gave it an SUV-like appearance, with its tall structure and boxy, as opposed to rounded, edges.
The Quest has always been a bit different when it comes to styling in the minivan category (some would argue there is no style in the minivan category). But Nissan deserves props for that, because buyers in this segment don't necessarily want to look like they are driving the same thing as all of their neighbors.
And for those who would argue that minivans lack style, check out the subtle touches on the Quest, such as the chrome door handles and interior design, which say upscale SUV more than they say soccer-mom mobile. 
Nissan offers the power-sliding side doors and power liftgate that give minivans the practicality that their users demand.
On the inside, you'll see the seating configuration offers two middle-row captain's chairs, as opposed to a bench. Those seats don't remove, as is the case in some competitors, but they fold down to add to cargo room.

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