Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kia Unveils New Rio, Refreshed Soul

Kia, the other Korean automaker that has been on a hot streak lately, is unveiling a new version of its Rio subcompact for the 2012 model year. A five-door hatchback will be rolled out first, then a sedan later this year.
Kia gave journalists a peek at the new hatchback, along with a refreshed version of its Soul wagon, in Texas last week.
Based on early impressions of both vehicles, Kia will continue its success, in the same way that sister brand Hyundai has been kicking tail and taking names.
The Rio5 hatchback will start at just $14,350 for the base LX with six-speed manual transmission model, or $15,300 if you get six-speed automatic. Those prices are lower than the 2011 models.
If you move up to the EX model, pricing starts at $16,500, and the SX top level begins at $17,700.
Pricing for the sedan has not been announced yet, but expect it to be even less expensive.
“The all-new Rio brings Kia's successful combination of world-class styling, outstanding fuel economy, advanced technologies and tremendous value to the smallest and most economical vehicle in the Kia lineup,” Michael Sprague, vice president of marketing at Kia Motors America, told reporters.

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