Thursday, May 14, 2009

Get started on your summer automotive reading list

If you are compiling your summer reading list, here are three entries from the automotive field that you might consider:

Automotive Custom Interiors Idea Book by Sue Elliott (hits shelves July 12) – OVER 650 COLOR PHOTOS!

The interior--perhaps more than any other aspect of a vehicle--lends itself to customization, to the expression of a personal style, a desire, a conviction.  The question is, how far to go?  How different, how comfortable, how functional, how wild?  Whatever the answer might be, this book will help you get there. And the most surprising part is just how budget-friendly a custom automotive interior can be.  With images of an incredible assortment of custom interiors--from the ultimate in luxury to race-inspired minimalism, from monochromatic to psychedelic, from totally high-tech to retro hot rod styling, from suede and leather to tuck 'n' roll, and from inlaid wood to rusty metal--Automotive Custom Interiors gives you the inspiration to envision your dream interior, plus the tips and connections to make it a reality. 


Hot Rods Idea Book: Roadsters, Coupes, Customs by Dain Gingerelli ( hits shelves July 15) – OVER 520 COLOR PHOTOS!

When it comes to building your hot rod, you’re faced with choices for everything from which go-fast goodies to slap on your mill to what paint and other eye candy might define your rod more than anything else.  And when it comes to a hot rod, parts aren’t just parts; it’s all in how they come together--either it works or it doesn’t. This new Motorbooks Idea Book covers every system of a traditional hot rod—be it roadster, coupe, or tub—illustrating with hundreds of color photos the various options for frame rails, suspension, steering, brakes, wheels and tires, drivetrain, electrics, cooling, body, interior, and paint.  Looking through this book, you’ll be able to assess which choices fit your aesthetic sensibility as well as how they suit your plan to use your hot rod.  


How To Restore Automotive Trim and Hardware by John Gunnell ( hits shelves July 15)

When it comes to restoring classic cars, the devil is often in the details--specifically, the small pieces of decorative trim and hardware.  In this book one of the best auto restorers around provides step-by-step instructions for getting those essential details just right.  Whether you're looking to replace it, repair it, polish it or re-chrome it, this book tells you how---and photos guide you through each step.  Master craftsman Jeff Lilly covers the repair of stainless steel and aluminum trim, decorative strips, fenders, bumpers, hub caps, wheel covers, door and trunk handles, and more. 

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