Monday, September 29, 2008

Infiniti intoxicates in California wine country

Well, today was a great day. I spent my day driving around beautiful Napa Valley, Calif., as part of Infiniti's rollout of its 2009 vehicles.

I got to take a spin in the EX crossover, which I hadn't driven before.

I had heard great things about it, that it was sporty, fun to drive and had neat technical features.

What did I think?

I agree.

It is a very nice vehicle, even if it does look a little like a baseball cap.

You have to give Infiniti credit for being bold when it comes to designs, and the EX is no EXception, pardon the pun.

I'll provide a more detailed look at this and other Infiniti vehicles soon, but I'm off to sample some of the great wine and food they have here now.

1 comment:

RandyWatson said...

One of the ugliest vehicles on the market and a product no one wants. Its not even close to hitting sales targets. The rear seat/trunk room is useless.
The EX also CANNOT TOW!!

On the plus side, the engine is strong and the interior is pretty first rate (not sure how it will hold up over time).

Bottom line; ugly (not stylish), useless, clearance price vehicle.