Friday, September 19, 2008

Chevy Volt--IS IT TIME?

General Motors unveiled the long-awaited production model of the Chevrolet Volt on Tuesday (9/16) in Detroit, at the company's 100th anniversary celebration. This is the car that will be a plug-in electric vehicle, capable of driving for 40 miles on a single full electric charge of its battery pack. That pack can then drain down, after 40 miles, before the gas-generator kicks in, which will allow it to go for hundreds more miles.

GM says the Volt will greatly reduce gasoline consumption and expenses and help protect the environment.

But not only that, GM says the Volt will offer a liquid crystal instrument display that can be configured by the driver, a standard seven-inch touch screen vehicle information display, touch screen-style climate and infotainment controls, an optional navigation system with onboard hard drive for maps and music storage and a standard Bluetooth for cellular phone and USB/Bluetooth for music streaming.

GM says the car will be ready by 2010.

Among GM executives and employees at the event, you could feel the, uh, electricity in the air.
I think this might work, too, for some folks. But I'm not sure it is THE answer for everyone.

Are we ready for this?

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