Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's the End of the Year - Here are Tips for Getting a Good Deal on a Car

The end of the year presents a good time to go car shopping, as dealers will be looking to clear their lots of leftover inventory and trying to meet their final sales goals. 
So, check out these tips and head to the lots if you're in the market for a new ride. 
    Locate New Car Inventory with the Most Competitive Pricing
  • Model year matters
    Dealers are trying to get rid of 2011 model year vehicles, because they are getting in more 2012 models. So why not help them out? There's likely a good deal to be had for you.
  • Get schooled on rebate/incentive offers
    Some automakers are giving more generous financing rates and rebates at this time of year. Check out NewCars.com's Rebate Center for the latest offers from all of the manufacturers and see where you can save even more money.
  • Scope out the inventory
    If you want a particular model, seek out a dealership that has plenty of them in stock. NewCars.com has a very useful tool for this, called New Car Locator, which will display the inventory of a particular car at dealerships in your area.
  • Make them show you the money
    Most people don't like the haggling involved in car buying, but a little bit of pain can save you lots of dough. For some tips, visit NewCars.com's How-To section with articles and videos that cover all the parts of the car buying process.
  • Don't shy away from pre-makeover vehicles
    A car that has been redesigned gets the most attention, but if a dealer still has models leftover from the previous design, you might be able to get a nice discount. 

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