Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reliability Ratings Favorable to Honda, Toyota, Ford

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports has released its list of most reliable car brands and, not surprisingly, Honda and Toyota are still the leaders.
Ford led the way among American brands, with 90 percent of Ford and Lincoln models scoring at least average reliability ratings.
General Motors has taken a some impressive steps forward, with 69 percent of its models scoring average or higher.
Cadillac jumped seven spots above its ranking last year, Chevy posted an 83 percent average or higher rating.
Chrysler continued to be the laggard among U.S. brands, with CR saying the only vehicle it recommends from the brand is the Dodge Ram 1500 four-wheel drive.
Every model from Honda, Acura, Hyundai, Toyota, Scion and Infiniti scored at least average ratings.
Ford's outstanding models, the Fusion sedan, Flex EcoBoost crossover and MKT sport ute rated above average.
CR said Mercedes-Benz vehicles were least reliable in three categories, and six of its 13 models were below average.
This luxury brand has had a track record of making lousy vehicles, when it comes to quality, for quite some  time, but inexplicably remains arrogant in its approach to dealing with this issue.
Mercedes has clearly established itself as a brand to avoid at all costs.
Don't buy one, period.

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