Thursday, December 17, 2009

State Digs Deeper into Motorists' Wallets

 Drivers in Georgia who step on the gas pedal will soon face an additional fine from the cash-strapped state.
On Jan. 1, Georgia's so-called "Super Speeder Law" takes effect, tacking on an additional $200 fine to motorists who are convicted of going 75 mph or more on two-lane roads, and also levying that fine on anyone convicted of going 85 mph or more on any road.
Failure to pay the super speeder fee subjects the motorist to an additional $50 fee and suspension of driver's license.
The state contends this law is aimed at saving lives.

This ridiculous law is another tax from a cash-hungry state government. And unfortunately, it will disproportionately hit lower-income citizens. Speed does not cause accidents. Careless driving does.

Read this opinion against the stupid speeder, 'er, super speeder law, written by a law enforcement officer, who does an excellent job of detailing why this is so absurd:

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