Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Beat's Top 10 Models of the Year

Atlanta Auto Beat presents its top models of the year. We based our decisions on a number of factors, such as affordability, fuel economy, driving performance and practicality. It was hard to limit our choices to 10, but we had to because of contractual reasons (don't ask).
So, read 'em and weep, or cheer, if you like.

But we at The Beat would like to thank you for your loyal readership, and we wish you a wonderful holiday season and the best wishes for the coming new year.

Happy Motoring!!


peralte said...
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peralte said...

I can't believe no Hondas made the list but a Chevy did? Worse: A Buick? What person under 900 years old, drives a Buick? Grrr!!