Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Few Tips for Chilly Weather Car Care

It's pretty cold across a good portion of the country these days, including below normal temperatures in our Georgia home base. So, make sure you follow a few tips to avoid auto problems in the chilly weather.

-- In order to avoid a gas line freeze, keep your gas tank above half full. When you run your vehicle on gas fumes in the dead of winter, condensation can build up and this leads to fuel line freeze-up; the end result is no-starts!

-- Make sure your battery terminals are clean and sans corrosion (white powder around the nodes or the clamps), so that your car will start without hesitation.

-- Use a winter blend windshield washer fluid, it contains more alcohol and has less water, so a freeze up is pretty unlikely.

--Switch to low-viscosity oil in winter because it will flow more easily between moving parts when it’s nippy outside. 

--If you have an older car you shouldn’t have to idle in the cold more than 30 seconds to get her going. The best way to warm up a newer vehicle is to drive gently at the start.

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