Thursday, September 12, 2013

3 Reasons Your Auto Might be a Break-in Target

You might worry about having your car stolen, but a more likely scenario is that your car is broken into and valuable items inside are pilfered.
What might make your car vulnerable?
Here are three factors. 

1. You aren't taking proper precautions

If you leave your vehicle unlocked, you are greatly enhancing the chances that it will be broken in to. Don't be careless. Park in well-lit, populated areas, make sure windows are closed and every door is locked. Avoid leaving your car in unsecured lots overnight.

2. You leave valuables in a visible area in your vehicle
Theft from vehicles is much more common than theft of vehicles. Electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets are popular targets of thieves. Also popular are costly car parts, such as air bags and catalytic converters.
Do not leave valuables in a visible position in your vehicle. Lock them in the trunk or glove compartment. Use an alarm system or other anti-theft device. Such devices might get you a discount on your insurance.

3. You are using an inadequate security system

Thieves often do their research on the Internet to learn techniques for breaking into vehicles, such as using small pieces of ceramic to shatter car windows without much noise. Thieves also sometimes unlock vehicles without setting off the alarm by jamming a screwdriver into the key hole and twisting it forcibly.
It's a good idea to not display labels that identify your security system on your vehicle because thieves can learn how to bypass that system.
Consider installing a second battery for your alarm system or using a hood lock to combat theft of mechanical parts under the hood. 

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