Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hyundai Santa Fe Facing Safety Probe

The  Hyundai Santa Fe is being investigated by federal safety regulators over complaints that its power can suddenly fail.
The complaints say that the 2013 sport utility vehicle's right-front axle shaft can fail, causing the vehicle to be unable to move. There have been no crashes or injuries, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says.
The probe covers nearly 50,000 vehicles, and could lead to a recall.
The Associated Press reported that in one complaint, an owner told NHTSA there was a loud bang under the SUV as it was being driven out of a subdivision. After that it would not move in drive or reverse. The owner called Hyundai's roadside assistance number, and the Santa Fe was towed to a dealership, where technicians found a cracked axle, according to the AP.

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