Thursday, June 20, 2013

If You're in the Market for a Truck, Now's a Great Time to Buy

Thanks to an economy that is coming back to life, vehicle sales have been on the rise in recent months. And one category that has really seen some nice gains is pickup trucks. A higher level of construction activity and a rebound in the housing market have sparked more demand for trucks.

But despite that higher demand, you can still get great deals.

A number of truckmakers are offering manufacturer’s rebates and cash incentives, as well as special leasing offers. And with the end of the month approaching, dealers are often eager to slash their inventory.

Check out the following examples, which assume an interest rate of 3 percent on 60-month loans.

Nissan has been cutting prices throughout its fleet recently, and trucks are included. The 2013 Nissan Titan King Cab can be had for a discount of 15.6 percent, from the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price of $32,695, down to around $27,554. With that, you could put 20 percent down ($5,511) and you'd have monthly payments of less than $400 on a 60 month loan.

You can get up to 12.8 percent off the Ram 1500 Express Crew Cab, or nearly $4,325, down to $29,405 from $33,730. The Ram's power, storage capabilities and amenities make it an appealing choice.

If you're more into the worldwide leader, the Ford F-150, get an 11.6 percent trim off the $40,340 MSRP on a SuperCrew Lariat. That amounts to a discount of $4,692, meaning you pay $35,648 for this very nicely equipped workhorse. Put down $7,130 and you'll have a monthly payment of $512 over 60 months.

Toyota's Tundra CrewMax can be had for $28,080 after you get the 11.2 percent discount from its $31,630 MSRP. Put down $5,616 and you'll have a monthly payment right around $404.

Finally, fans of the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Extended Cab can knock 10.6 percent off the $28,610 MSRP, sliding the price down to a very reasonable $25,573. Put $5,115 down and you can have monthly payments of  $368.

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