Thursday, August 16, 2012

2012 Infiniti G37 IPL Coupe: Who Knew You Could Have This Much Fun Legally?

When you get behind the wheel of the 2012 Infiniti G37 IPL Coupe, you're immediately impressed by its sporty, stylish design.

When you crank the engine and take it out on the road, that good impression turns into pure lust.

This car gives you sharp handling, a comfortable ride and great looks.

Yet it also comes with a reasonable (by luxury standards) price tag, which puts some of its competitors to shame (ya' hear me Porsche?!!).

So think of the G37 IPL like this: you take the Nissan 370Z sports car platform, add the Infiniti G elements of design and luxury and then add some kick-butt additional performance dynamics that rival those of the top European luxury marques, and then you've pretty much got the G37 IPL.

Infiniti created the IPL brand (Infiniti Performance Line) to showcase its ability to deliver world-class performance vehicles.

This talent cannot be more eloquently stated than from what's delivered in the G37 IPL Coupe.

Its great looks, strong performance and athletic handling will wow you. On the interior, your breath will be taken away by the fantastic materials, a stylish design and technology.

Want a roomy interior? Sorry, that's one thing you won't get here. But come on, now, if you want a true sports car, you shouldn't really expect to be able to stuff grandma, the kids and a few groceries in there with you.

What you are sure to get, though, is scintillating acceleration, great gear shifts and terrific handling.

The test drive model carried a sticker price of $52,345. Don't choke on that, Euro-lux brands!!

Infiniti decided to show off a little with the IPL G Coupe, and boy are we glad about it.

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Ashely Redden said...

If I’m to describe Infiniti in one word, I would be choosing the word – SLEEK. It’s because the overall body is so shiny, all the while having smooth handling.