Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nissan Makes It Easier Than Ever to Stay Properly Inflated

Nissan announced recently that it will include its Easy-Fill Tire Alert system in  all new and updated vehicles introduced to the market as of next year.

The system takes the guesswork or the trickier-than-it-should-be skill of using a tire gauge out of the process of inflating a tire. The car will tell you when a tire needs air, then, as you fill it, it will tell you when the tire has enough air. As you are filling a tire with air, the vehicle's lights will flash. When the tire has enough, the vehicle's horn will beep. It's that simple.

Yet, if you still manage to overfill, the lights will blink more quickly as air is let out of the tire, then the horn will once again beep when it hits the proper level of inflation.

Couldn't be much easier.

The system made its debut with the latest version of the Quest minivan, and next will be featured in the revamped Altima sedan, set to hit showrooms very soon.

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