Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chrysler Posts Robust Earnings in First Quarter

Chrysler SRT brand CEO Ralph Gilles kisses the SRT Viper after its unveiling at the New York Auto Show this month. AP PHOTO

Chrysler's strong comeback continued with the release of its most recent earnings report, which showed the company posted a profit of $473 million, its best quarterly performance in 13 years.
Chrysler said its sales in the quarter rose 39 percent, thanks to healthy performances by its 200 sedan, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Ram pickup.
Chrysler has predicted that for the full year, it will post a profit of $1.5 billion.
Just a few years ago, things didn't look nearly as rosy for the company, which many predicted would falter.
But after accepting a federal bailout crafted by the Obama administration, the company has revamped its product lineup, gotten its financial house largely in order and now is moving forward with plans to continue to compete strongly against domestic and foreign rivals.
It will release the new Dodge Dart small sedan this year, as well as a new version of the Ram pickup.

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Heavy Duty Trucks said...

Chrysler is back with good sales. During Recession, auto sales went down and company was affected, but now sales increased in 2011 and in to 2012. Now company is earning good profits, thats very good.