Wednesday, February 29, 2012

First Look at the New Hyundai Azera

Hyundai has been relentless in the past few years in rolling out new or improved vehicles. That trend continues this spring with the launch of the revamped Azera sedan.
For a while, the Azera had been somewhat neglected by Hyundai, relegated to the sidelines as the hugely popular Sonata, compact dynamo Elantra and luxury contender Genesis got most of the action.
Now, however, Azera has found its groove again.
Hyundai says it is filling a space in the market between the Sonata and Genesis, which are nearly $15,000 apart in price.
If customers see it in that space, Hyundai will have yet another big hit on its hands.
The Azera starts at $32,875 - pretty reasonable for what you get, which is a nice looking, solidly performing premium sedan.
The Azera is about four inches longer than Sonata and three inches shorter than Genesis, so physically it is also positioned between them.
The Azera also uses what Hyundai calls its “Fluidic Sculpture” styling, which made the Sonata, Elantra and Accent so popular.

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