Friday, November 5, 2010

Buick Regal GS Stars at Remix Event in Miami

This week, Buick offered up a sneak peek at its 

production version of the 2012 Regal GS, which it

 describes as a sportier version of the Regal sedan 

that was reintroduced this year.

The GS carries an Ecotec 2-liter engine that makes

 255 horsepower and 295 pounds-feet of torque. 

Buick says it estimates the GS goes from 0-60 mph

 in less than seven seconds.

"Buick continues to generate new energy with its 

products, and this one is no exception," said John 

Schwegman, vice president of Buick marketing.

 "We're seeing more people take a new look at

 Buick, and liking what they are seeing."

Indeed, Buick is undergoing something of a 


It started with the introduction of the outstanding 

Enclave crossover a few years ago, was continued

with the presentation of the new LaCrosse sedan 

and will now likely move forward with the Regal.

The Regal GS, shown to journalists and the public 

in Miami prior to the opening of that city's auto 

show, will add even more sportiness to what is 

already a very cool sedan.

If seen by enough people, it should continue to 

reshape the public's view of what Buick is (a 

premium-to-luxury brand that is producing quality

 vehicles that are stylish) from what it used to be (a

 good car for Grandpa).

That kind of change doesn't happen overnight.

Chris Ayotte, Buick Regal's marketing manager, 

said he realizes that brand perceptions don't turn on

 a dime. But the company is committed to making 

products that have appeal for those who 

traditionally might only look to marques such as 

Lexus, Infiniti and BMW.

The GS will hit showrooms in the second have of 


So what did some of the consumers think?
The event in Miami, which was highlighted by a concert by the Plain White Ts, drew a pretty young crowd - purposely sought by Buick as it endeavors to change its demographics.
Most seemed to react favorably, but seriously, you probably aren't going to get too many thumbs downs when you bring a bunch of hipsters to a club, give them free drinks and a rock concert.
The Beat's roving correspondent spoke with one young woman, who gave her name as Elena, who said she could see herself driving one of the cars if the price was right.
What's the right price?
"I don't know, just, like, something affordable."
OK, thanks, Elena.

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