Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Infiniti G37 Offers Excellent Value and Luxury

If you like a vehicle that's got plenty of power, is packed with luxury features and comes in an assortment of trim packages, you certainly will love the 2010 Infiniti G37. 

However, you're probably expecting it to be saddled with a monstrous sticker price, right?

Wrong, my friend. The G37 is one of the most affordable luxury cars on the market. 

The G37 comes in sedan, coupe and convertible body types, with four trim levels. 

Our tester was the sedan. 

Infiniti updated the G37 for the most recent model year with a few cosmetic changes, such as a larger grille, tapered bumper inlets with fog lights, a larger rear bumper and redesigned alloy wheels. 

Those changes are nice, but thankfully they didn't mess with what's under the hood.

The G37 is powered by a delightful 3.7-liter, 328-horsepower V-6 engine that's linked to a seven-speed automatic transmission. 
If you like, you can choose the Sport 6MT trim, which has a six-speed manual, or the G37x, which has all-wheel drive. The tester had the Journey trim, one step above the base level.

Fuel economy is rated at 17-18 mpg city, 25-26 on the highway. But in a week of mostly highway driving, the tester actually did better than that, coming in at right around 27 mpg.

To attain that kind of mileage, we admittedly had to drive rather conservatively, which was difficult given the temptation to really mash the gas with such a superb driver's car.

But the few times we did try to have a little fun with it, the G37 was a willing participant, nimbly handling curves and eagerly accelerating to move us quickly out of the slow lane.

Inside, you'll find such fine standard features as six-speaker sound system with MP3 jack and eight-way power leather seats. 
You can pick from a dandy set of options that includes an 11-speaker Bose stereo, moonroof, dual-zone climate control and heated front seats. 
Drivers can also take advantage of the touch-screen navigation system and XM NavTraffic, which features real-time traffic and weather information. 

Safety features are more than adequate, including antilock brakes, six airbags and an electronic stability system. And the best safety feature is probably the Intelligent Cruise Control, which will automatically slow the car if you start getting too close to the vehicle in front of you. When a safe space cushion is restored, it takes you back to your cruising speed.

The G37 really scores points when you look at the value it presents, offering luxury and performance for a price that starts around $34,000 and tops out at about $55,000.

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