Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Camaro SS Beats Hogan's Heroes

We love Hogan's Heroes reruns. We also love great cars. Sometimes, you have to make hard choices. We've done it here. Why? We're gutsy like that.


6) With Hogan's Heroes, you always knew that Hogan and his men would outsmart the Germans and accomplish their mission. Always. 
With the Camaro SS, you never know what kind of response you'll get. Pull into a gas station - people snap photos. Stop at a red light, people give the thumbs up. Walk through the parking lot of the supermarket toward the car - girls scream and ask you to sign their T-shirts and declare their love for you.
Ok, that last one never happened to me. But you get the idea.

5) You never knew why Col. Klink was never relieved of his command at Stalag 13. I mean, come on, even the Detroit Lions, the worst team in football, fire the coach sometimes.
With the Camaro SS, you always know that you can pass pretty much anybody on the freeway, anytime.  Yep, 426 horsepower. That's right, 426.

4) We still love Hogan's Heroes. But maybe it's just the tiniest bit weird to watch it now after seeing "Auto Focus." You know, that movie that came out a few years ago about Bob Crane. Not that we judge; the guy seemed to have a good time, despite his dubious demise. But before seeing that movie, you never really thought about Bob Crane.
You don't have to think much about Bob Crane in the SS. Unless you want to. And if you do, still, you shouldn't judge. 

3)How come the German officers always spoke English, and Hogan and his boys could therefore always understand what they were saying and foil their plans?
The SS speaks the international language of engine roar, and you'll always be able to understand it. And you'll love it. 

2)Nearly every woman that came through Stalag 13 was pretty hot, and most would end up hooking up with Hogan. This is curious because: See reason No. 4 above, and What are the odds that a prisoner always gets access to the babes who visit the war prison, especially considering there probably aren't that many babes who visit war prisons?
 But for an alternative take, I guess you might consider the fact that since the guys were in prison, any woman they saw looked hot. And we saw things through the prisoners' eyes. Ergo, all the women were hot. 
So maybe in driving the SS, every woman you see will be hot. Or will think you're hot. Neither happened for me, but I'm just saying -- not beyond the realm of possibility.

1)War, despite being depicted in a few sitcoms, really isn't that fun, or funny. I have been lucky enough to have not experienced it first hand, and for those who have served in uniform and faced combat, I say I greatly admire your service and bravery. No way I could have done it.
But what is fun is driving the SS. On highways, on country roads, running hot laps in deserted parking lots behind old factory buildings (yep, did that). It's fun. 

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