Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Chrysler Town & Country still among the best

Chrysler, which originated the minivan in 1984, still does it better than just about anyone else.

True, there aren't a whole lot of competitors still in the minivan game, as slumping sales in the category have made it less of a priority among automakers, which prefer to make SUVs.

But when it comes to value, practicality, comfort and even a bit of, dare we say, style, Chrysler's family haulers get it right.

In this category, practicality is the key feature.

Minivan drivers have to take the kids to school and to sports practice, have to pick up groceries and other large items from big box stores and have to head out on the road for the occasional vacation.

With the Chrysler Town & Country and its sibling Dodge Grand Caravan, you can do all that and more.

Last year, when Chrysler introduced its swivel-n-go option, it continued its tradition of being on the leading edge of the minivan market.

Swivel-n-go allowed passengers to use a table in the middle of the van and turn seats toward it, to make it almost like you're at home at your dining room table.

This feature previously could be found only in RVs, but now you had it in a vehicle that was much more mainstream.

Well, despite that and some other neat additional features, Chrysler couldn't generate a huge uptick in minivan sales.

But among those in the market for the vehicles, the Chrysler products were very well received.

Whether you choose the Grand Caravan, or the slightly more upscale Town & Country, you can be sure that Chrysler's minivans will get you there in comfort and with plenty of room for all of your stuff.

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