Thursday, October 2, 2008

Chevy Cruze makes its debut

General Motors raised the curtain on its Chevrolet Cruze car yesterday at the Paris Auto Show.

The Cruze, a compact sedan, is seen as a key element of GM's global strategy, as it will be built on at least four continents.
"Chevrolet is GM's biggest brand and the third-largest automotive brand in the world," GM President and Chief Operating Officer Fritz Henderson told reporters. "It's extraordinarily efficient to have one key brand you throw resources to."
The Cruze will go on sale in the United States in the spring of 2010, a year after it starts selling in Europe.

GM is pinning its hopes on the Cruze to reverse its trend of money-losing cars. GM has relied on trucks and SUVs as its moneymakers, but those vehicles are falling out of favor because of high gas prices.

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Ciambellina said...

Hi Rob,
I like your blog!

Very interesting that the Chevy Cruze will be built on at least four continents. I don't follow cars all that closely but that seems unusual to me -- even maybe precedent-setting?

Keep up the great work!